Why Is Marijuana Not Legal? Is It A Natural Plant That Grows In The Ground?


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Because big brother (the government) doesn't make money on it right now. Once they taxe it, they'll legalize it. They say that four joints are equal to one ciggarette in the damage it does to your body. I've been asking that same question since 1970
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Marijuana is illegal because "The Man" looks down upon any substance with mind altering properties, they are scared of people seeing reality through different perspectives. The government, and society's grim look on cannabis use is usually one of bias because of how the media and anti-drug persons/organization etc. overexaggerate the downsides of marijuana use and use worst case scenario's to make it seem far worse than it is in reality. There are many good legit uses for the marijuana plant such as pain relief for cancer and glaucoma patients, it can even be used to produce clothes and rope. Another plus side of using cannabis is when under it's effects, the user will be in a better mood, less aggressive/violent. It is not physically addictive and most often not psychologically addictive in which case the user has a very weak will power and could just as easily become addicted to caffiene, paracetamol or sugar.
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Simply,because of its effect
we are humans because of our minds so what will we be???if we are out of our minds
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I've had mary jane heaps of times it doesn't make you go out of your mind you obviously don't know your drugs.
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You act like knowing DRUGS is Cool and Special!

Why is it called DOPE? NEOPHYTE! That word comes straight from the Bible!
And you'll have to look it up!

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Most people don't realize marijuana has more carcinogens (cancer causing) then cigarettes. It is perceived as the gateway drug as people that wind up using hard core drugs usually started on marijuana hence the term marijuana is the gateway drug. Just cause it grows form the earth does not make it ok. Cocaine and heroin also come from a plant that grows form the earth and doesn't take chemicals to bring out the drug like in crank.
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helen baillie-gutteridge
Marijuana may have more carcinogens than tobacco, but does not have more carcinogens than cigarettes. Cigarettes are tobacco plus a whole pantheon of nasty additives that are individually and collectively carcinogenic. You couldn't choose a better way to slowly poison yourself than with cigarettes.
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There are no reports of marijuana ever being the cause of cancer and it is not a gateway drug, that is a myth. Only 1 and every 100 marijuana smokers use cocaine and even less use heroin. Marijuana is nothing like cocaine and heroin so they can not even be compared
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The side effects, the causes, the taxation if you legalize weed, then drug dealers are out of business you have to be a certain age and weed is taxed, to legalize it you have to vote on it so smart weed smokers, drug dealers, and old people won't vote yes for it so thats over half the population, and the other people who have no clue what they're talking about will vote yes. The odds will way out and voting no for legalizing marijuana will over populate and the bill won't pass.
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Please don't compare Heroin and Cocaine to Marijuana. There is no plant called Herion, or a plant called Cocaine. You don't need to manipulate Marijuana. You pick it, dry it out, the smoke it. Heroin and Cocaine are drugs that are manipulated in labs and with chemicals, and only some of their "ingredients" come from plants.

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