My discharge is clear, sometimes white and has a terrible smell to it.. Could this mean I have UTI, STI/STD or be pregnant?


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If there is a terrible smell then it is likely you have an infection. You should get to a doctors and see what they can give you to clear it up before it gets any worse.

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Jamie Klr
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Honestly I've been setting my alarm to get up and make one but I always go back to sleep!! I can't wake myself up in the mornings anymore, I find it difficult and this may be too far with this but it is actually sore when I move or anything and I've even told my bf but he says it's a normal process cause its coming up to my monthly :$ I don't know what to do
Pauline Mclaughlin
Really sounds like to need to get this checked out, getting up in the morning may be difficult but please try and drag yourself out of bed before this gets worse. There is a possibility that you could be pregnant too but it sounds more like an infection.
Jamie Klr
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If I'm pregnant he is getting his ass kicked! The one thing I dread at this moment is to have an embryo growing inside me... When I get a chance to, I will have an appointment made to see my doctor cause I've never be more freaked out in my life than I am now.. Rather it be an infection than a baby reason!

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