I'm Having Clear Watery Discharge And My Breast Are Sore And If I Don't Eat And Time I Feel Really Nauseated N I'm Cramping, Could I Be Pregnant Or Is My Period Coming?


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You could just be getting your period. I get like that . Except for a lot of discharge
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Well, It seems that you are having plenty of symptoms of Pregnancy. Normally nausea does not come with periods so its alarming. However, you can get it confirmed by taking a home pregnancy test. Since you are having these symptoms it is important to verify it otherwise late diagnosis might harm the baby.
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The sore breast and the nausea sounds like you could be pregnant, but then the breast discharge is what's a bit more worrisome. Better read this article:Understanding the Cause of Breast Discharge: What Your Breast Discharge May Be Saying About Your Health: www.womans-health.net to check and see if it could be something to be concerned about.

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