Ive Been Having This Milky White Discharge Could I Be Pregnant?


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If this is something new for you it is a possibility. But first remember if you had your ovulation stage 7-10 day after your last period. If you had sex during that time its a stronger possibility that you are pregnant. Wait about a week after your period was suppose to be and do a pregnancy test. Although these tests are not 100% you can try one. If you develop any pregnancy symptoms and it shows neg., have a blood test done, they are 98% accurate.   Please rate my answer
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There are a number of symptoms of pregnancy. Some women experience all of them and some women might not experience all of them. Here are the top symptoms of pregnancy:

- Implantation bleeding in the form of a pinkish brown discharge
- Fatigue
- Tender and swollen breasts
- Abdominal bloating
- Missed Period
- Increased sensitivity to odors
- Frequent urination
- Nausea or vomiting
- Morning sickness
- High basal body temperature.

Thus, milky white discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. In order to be sure, take a home pregnancy test.
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Yes or It Is A Yeast Infection
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In some cases Yes.
I am eight weeks pregnant and did not notice anything.
My friend who has a 2 year old said that that was her most common sign.
My advice is to just take a test. Or go to the doctor because you could have yeast infection
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My wife is complaining about cramps in the stomach area and milky substance coming from her breast, could she be pregnant?

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