How much chest and/or pubic hair should a 13 year old boy have?


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Well I'm 13 and I have a pretty big bush on my "you know what". It's 6 inches long hard. I have some armpit hair, a lot of  chest hair, and have a lot of hair on my feet, legs, thighs, and arms. I don't shave and I really don't want to because I like my bush, it makes me feel manly!!!

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This depends on a variety of factors.

Genetics plays a major role here. For instance, if your parents have more hair than usual, their "hairy" gene could be passed on to you and, if that gene is dominant, it will be physically expressed on your body and you'll notice an abundant amount of chest and/or pubic hair.

Variety in race also plays a role here. Certain nationalities are commonly found to be more hairy than others, and if you're a part of those nationalities, then there's a higher chance that you'll have more chest/pubic hair.

So, to answer your question, I really need more details to give you a more specific answer. Listing physical characteristics about your parents (if they are hairy or not, or if anyone in your generation has been hairy) can help determine how much hair you should have.

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Well my uncles and my dad are really hairy. My grandma is Cherokee, I'm a quarter Mexican, and the rest I'm Caucasian.
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Sorry this is me I made the question anonymous.
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So, in turn, if you are really hairy as well, your father most likely passed down that gene to you. You should have around the same amount of hair, maybe a little less, than your father.

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