Please help. Had my period on 14.7, had sex for the first time on 24.7. Didn't use birth control, he didn't cum in me. There was blood which is normal for the first time. But now on 26.7 I started bleeding again and it feels like I got my period again. What does that mean?


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Try not to worry too much, first time sex can actually initiate your period due to hormone charges. It is quite normal to have an early period after sex, especially if you are not very sexually active normally.

Your hormones will soon balance out and your periods will return to normal. However, it is never a good idea to have unprotected sex, as you can get pregnant even if he withdraws before completion. Obviously there is always a risk of sexually transmitted infections too so a condom is always a good idea.

Just to be totally safe, it would be a good idea to take a pregnancy test. It's probably fine but it's always better to be sure.  I don't know your circumstances or age but tests are reasonably priced and can be bought from any chemist.

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