Why Does My Sweat Like Vinegar?


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There are many reasons why your perspiration may have taken on an odor of vinegar and knowing your diet and your body will help you determine the source and the solution.  If there are sudden changes in your body’s behaviors, including smells, and nothing in your daily intake or surroundings has changed, it might be best to go straight to the doctor and skip the preemptive investigations.  Usually, things such as this are brought on by a change in diet or supplements.

Many different dietary supplements can cause your body to push toxins through faster or retain them longer.  Retaining high levels of certain chemicals and then releasing them can cause short bursts of peculiar smells in your perspiration.  The forcing of toxins to be expelled from the body quickly can also cause the changes in odor.  High protein intake is another possible culprit in the equation.  When your body has too much of one substance or another it has to rid itself of it somehow and sweat is one of its best outlets. 

The best thing anyone will advise is to stop taking any supplements you have recently started taking and see if that doesn’t clear up the problem.  If you happen to have started taking a prescription medication, you can contact the pharmacist to ask if this is a reaction to the drug.  However, they will usually advise you to return to your doctor and report any adverse effects and get a different prescription if available. 

On any case, the changes in smells of your urine and perspiration indicate an imbalance in the body and require some simple techniques to balance if not caused by medical issues.  Your doctor can advise you of steps to eliminate symptoms and test for any underlying issues.  Even if it goes away immediately, you should tell your doctor on your next visit.
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My husband has this problem. His pillow smells like vinegar and I have to wash it constantly. He is going to the doctor this week to ask him. I am finding out that it has to do with his medications. He takes Metformin for pre-diabetes and Benicar for high blood pressure. I am sure one of those is the culprit.

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