What are some ways of observing proper hygiene?


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Have a cleaning and tidying routine for the house especially the kitchen and bathroom. 

put out rubbish;

Use seperate untensils for preparing meat or chicken and vegetables.  Always prepare the vegetables first.  

Keep raw meat in fridge at lowest shelf

Observe use by dates and storage guidelines

Use natural and antibacterial cleansing products

Personal hygiene: 

Wash you hands thoroughly after going to the toilet

Wash you hands before preparing food or eating

Brush you teeth twice a day

I have a  shower at least once a day

Wash your hair when it is dirty

Use deodorant and talc to keep yourself clean and fresh

Wear clean Clothes and wash dirty ones

Wear clean underwear everyday especially your pants and socks

Wash your hands after going out and travelling on public transport. 

Wash bedding at least once a week using a high temperature setting

Shower after exercising

Wash your hands after grooming or petting your dog and keep it away from your face. 

Cough or sneeze into hanky and wash hands if sick

Use an antimicrobe gel for on the go hygiene

Wash your face when it is dirty.

Take off make up gently  before bed and change make-up brushes and pads regularly and wash them. 

Always change you pad discretely and wash your hands afterwards

Do not wash yourself using harsh sulphates and perfumed gels use a gentle wash if you want or water.  

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