Why's it so hard to lose some weight ?


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Unfortunately, all the best tasting food seems to be the unhealthiest. Just ask the slither of banoffee pie I had this morning which accounted for 30% of my daily calorie intake.

If you're not very active throughout the day, starting to get into that habit can also be difficult.

Also, a big challenge is having the patience to stick with it. When you start working out or eating more carefully, you feel the negative effects straight away, but don't reap the rewards until you've stuck with it for at least a few weeks.

Hang in there though, you'll feel grrrrrrrreat for it!

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Portion control and daily exercise is all you need to maintain a healthy weight. Occasional cheating is allowed (:

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I can give you suggestion.If you want to lose your weight you have to change you food habit .You should have to leave oily food and fat food.At the same time you
have to exercise regularly with a fixed time basis.It can really help you to
solve your problem.

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It's easy to gain weight but very difficult to lose it because gaining doesn't take any discipline, whilst losing weight requires a great amount of self control and discipline.

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Yah, calorie restricting takes so much self control that I couldn't do it. I would always end up binging and making it worse :(
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It isn't that hard as you may think. To loss weight requires a lot of courage and determination.


  1. Write down the number of pounds you want to lose weekly on a note and keep in somewhere you can view daily, can be attach to the kitchen menu.
  2. Be ready to undergo behavioral change in terms of lifestyle, and taste.
  3. Eat up to 5 meals daily, three regular meals and 2 light meals in between.
  4. Engage in simple exercises daily but with strong desire and pleasure.
  5. Avoid eating at odd time, like eating late at night.
  6. Another important thing is, you should avoid using large bow to eat you meals. 
  7. Be mentally conscious of your new lifestyle and always make reference to your note and review your goals. This will serve as your sole motivator.

So, losing weight involves a total change in everything about you. You must be aware of this fact and be prepared for the change.


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Losing some weight is not hard. I lost my weight by following some guidelines. I lost 5 kilos in my first week. In my 10th day I included salad with some protein (eg. Egg/ lean chicken) as from suggestion. After a few days of trying, the fat is finally coming off.  It is truly like magic. 

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1. Cut the carbonated drinks
2. Don't eat after 7pm(if you have a strong desire to eat, eat dark green vegetables, the body burns more calories to digest them than there are in them)
3. Exercise! After a week in jogging or running you will get hooked to it and wouldn't want to stop!


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Look into freelee the banana girl and dr. Mcdougal

They worked for me

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If you're calorie restricting your body might go into starvation mode and start hanging on to extra water weight. At least that's what happened to me. Don't calorie restrict. As long as you eat the right type of foods it's possible to get the results you want.
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Weight is only a small factor in life. Eat to lose bloat and feel your best. Eat and workout to have energy. Workout to have toned muscles. 30 day squat challenge for thigh gap works like a charm for me. And girl, skinny is nice but don't lose your booty. Do weighted squats for dat bubble butt.
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Whenever I workout it helps me make better food choices; it also energizes me if I do it in the morning. I love bike rides.
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Because people are consumers in general. It's simple, if you want to loose weight - just give more than you get (sport>food).

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Old habits really. The easiest time to lose weight is when you lose your first five pounds and that's because you're shocking your metabolism. In fact, that's probably the best way to lose weight: Shock your metabolism. Don't just stick with the same diet plan. Use different diet plans. It's even good to cheat. Whatever you do while losing weight, make sure your metabolism never suspects what you're going to eat next.

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