Recently i took a pregnancy test May 17th and it was negative. I took another on May 19th about 1:00 am. The first line was faint and the second was dark. I'm assuming its positive. I took a digital one it was negative. What's causing this to happen?


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You really need to take a pregnancy test with your mornings very first urine. Also should see a doctor for best advice.

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Angel Clarke
Angel Clarke commented
well my last cycle was april 5th, and my next cycle was suppose to be may 3rd but nothing yet. i last had intercourse on may 17th and I schedule a doctor apt just to make sure, im confused. I got a negative may 17th, waited 2 days may 19th I got a positive and may 20th it was negative, but im having symptoms and still no cycle yet.
Cyber Tooth Tiger
Yeah you're going have to wait to even see if your pregnant , it's way too early to tell if your pregnant :)
Angel Clarke
Angel Clarke commented
So blood would be able to tell? and how can i post a pic to show my pt test

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