I've Skipped My Period This Month And I've Had Unprotected Sex The Week After I Had Sex My Nipples Were Sore And I Thought It Was Because I Was Coming On My Period I Didn't Get It I Took A Pregnancy Test, But It Didn't Really Show Up Until 18 Hours Later And It Was A Faint Line Crossing The Other One But It Was Still Visible And I Took Another One And It Was Negative At The Top But The Line At The Bottom Hasn't Showed Up Yet . Why Did It Go Positive 18 Hours (dollar Store Test)?


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If you have missed your periods for more than two weeks this is the time to get an early pregnancy test. The test should be conducted on your urine rather than your blood because this gives you a better and a more approximated result. Sworn nipples are usually there at the time when you are expecting your periods or menstrual cycle. However coming has nothing to do with sworn nipples. A woman gets pregnant when the spermatozoon's of the men force through women semen and along with the egg of the women gives you a complete fertilization.

A woman may only conceive during conceptive days. These are usually the mid week of your menstrual cycle. Never the less exceptions do happen and it is also important to understand that abortion or medication not only kills the baby but harms the womb badly making it extremely difficult to conceive or extra easy to conceive. Take unnecessary measures to confirm the fact about realizing pregnancy. It is often said that a women who gives birth to the child is far more healthy than the one who aborts it.
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What ever the reading was, after the number of minutes, that is the true reading.  Not the reading it turned out to be 18 hrs. Later.  :)

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