I'm supposed to do exercise but I can't find anything good. There's martial arts, but I don't like the way they teach and the uniforms. Then there's a gym which I would never do and then a dance studio which may or may not be in business. Any suggestions?


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Yo Kass answered

I (try to) play soccer and squash once a week. Both are fun in different ways, and give me as much of a work out as I can handle these days.

I'd also recommend having a few dumbbells or weights at home, so you can work out whenever you feel the urge to.

I am still considering signing up to the gym though...paying the gym subscription fee is a good motivator to get your money's worth!

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Kathryn Amis answered

I go to a gym and pay (!) a personal trainer for a 45 minute session.  I've been going for 3 years now and I have to say if I didn't have to see my trainer I would give up! So it keeps me going and I see the benefits. She puts me through a programme which includes weights and I wish I'd found weights earlier - they make all the difference.

If you can't do gym or dance - why not try just walking? You can get various free apps on you phone that track your progress, steps, distance etc. Runkeeper is good.  Walking is free, no special clothes or equipment needed and you can do it wherever you live!

Good luck!

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