How dangerous is white water rafting? My friends want me to go with them but I don't want to get seriously hurt!! I know you wear protection but still...I'm nervous about it.


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It all depends. On where you go. Some are easy some YOU. Need a professional. Guide

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Of course rafting is dangerous, no getting around's part of the thrill. It also depends on what class rapids you will encounter. I took a friend rafting once who had never been, she was scared all the way through the first rapid...she then relaxed and we both had a wonderful day! Save the alcohol until after the trip. 

Always go with a skilled professional company and guide as that will only enhance your experience!

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Lol I'm too young to drink but thanks, I don't think I'm gonna go though, I don't know how much I can trust us 5 16 year olds to go 75 miles to go rafting, we'd have to stay a night and blah blah blah and it's just too much but thanks!!
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You're should think about it though, it's really fun!
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I think I'm gonna convince them to do a hiking trail before I do that!
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White water rafting is a BLAST!!!

I wouldn't go without a professional guide, so much could go wrong without one!!!

I wouldn't go unless I was a very good swimmer, u will have a wetsuit & life vest on for added protection.  U should be alert, not drunk or on drugs while rafting, u need all ur senses!!!  Again, DONT GO RAFTING WITHOUT A GUIDE!!!  FOLLOW THE GUIDES INSTRUCTIONS & HAVE A BLAST!!!

I was very scared to go, but once we got going, it was one of the best times I have ever had!!!  Go & have fun & be safe!!!  😃😃😃

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