Sometimes I get this feeling that I'm going to faint but I never do. I was running for short periods of time. I was hella dizzy & lightheaded & getting palpations and chest pain before/after the runs. am in any danger of fainting? Can running make you faint?


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Definitely sounds like all your symptoms are cardiac (heart) should make an appointment with your doctor and inform him/her of what's happening.

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I get that feeling too sometimes,    Just be sure to drink a lot of water and eat a good breakfast/ meal before the run and something light such as oatmeal  to have more calories to burn or something easy to digest, also a good idea after eating to take a digestive walk or something that doesn't involve extreme physical movement like maybe walking a lap around a track or stretching so you don't get a stomach ache. But eat well and hydrate well and you shouldn't feel like fainting. If you do, you have a serious problem... Hope this helps! 😀

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