What can I do to relieve a pinched nerve in my back?


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Ray Dart answered

I agree with Rooster. Six months of pain, regular doctor could do nothing. Two single hour sessions with a chiropractor - fixed. The best £100 (or whatever it was) I ever spent. 7 years later, still fixed!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I went to my regular Doctor and they took X-rays and just gave me pain pills ! I took someone else's advice and went to a Chiropractor and he fixed me up in two visits. Something you might think about. Sure worked good for me! Hasn't bothered me again since. He took care of the nerve problem, sciatica, and my knees. Check it out and save yourself a lot of pain!

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John Doe answered

Hi Korvo! A chiropractor is the best idea....until you can get there, try some anti-inflammatory medication and ice. Might provide some relief for you.

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