The day I took a pregnancy test which said positive later that same day I got my period, which was light then it has gotten darker, what does this mean, and what should I do about it? Please help me out. Much appreciated :D


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It means you need to call your doctor. There can be any number of things going on.

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Home pregnancy test function by detecting a hormone that your body begins producing after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus.

Nature isn't perfect, nor is she kind. Many pregnancies are naturally terminated very early in the pregnancy - often before a woman even knows she's pregnant.

With the advent of "early detection" home pregnancy tests, what used to just be a "late period" has become more often known as an "early-term miscarriage".

On the other hand, sometimes women continue to experience a menstrual period all the way through an otherwise normal pregnancy.

I would recommend waiting a couple of weeks and taking another home pregnancy test. If it comes back negative, then it's most likely the spontaneous abortion I mentioned before. If positive, make an appointment with your health care provider to confirm your pregnancy.

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I have told someone two things that are entirely plausible, even likely. And no, regular menses during pregnancy is not a myth. My nephew is ten. He was a seven-months-gestation surprise, because my sister never stopped having a period.

Literally everyone knows they can ask a doctor. They asked here because they are looking for information before going to a doctor.
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The most likely explanation is a spontaneous miscarriage, which is very common.  Some women do experience light implantation bleeding, but it shouldn't seem exactly like your period.

What to do depends on if you are trying to get pregnant.  If you are, it would make sense to visit your ob/gyn.  It is a good idea to see a doctor before you try to get pregnant, so any lifestyle/health issues can be addressed (weight loss, weight gain, vitamin deficiency, etc.) before pregnancy.

If not, wait a week and test again.

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