I Missed My Period Last Month, I Took A Pregnancy Test And It Came Out Negative, What Should I Do Next?


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If this is unusual for you it doesn't mean you are not pregnant. Many women have light to moderate bleeding and still are pregnant. Sometimes the test is done to soon. If you still think you might be pregnant wait until you are a week and a half from the time you were suppose to start menses then do then test. That way if you were going to start your period you will. You can also get the blood test done which is more accurate. Now if there is no chance you could be pregnant then stress and activity has a lot to do with missed periods.
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Hun, either your pregnant or you have a late period...if I was you I would go to the health department and have them do a pregnacy and then you need to move on from there...wheather your pregnant or not god will be with you through it all
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No there is no chance you can get pregnant if the pregnancy test came out negative but there are certain possibilities in certain cases.

Missing the period is a sign of pregnancy but it does not mean that you will definitely get pregnant. Sometimes the periods came late.

In some cases you get vaginal bleeding and it looks like periods but you are still pregnant.
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Well I missed my period last m0nth t00k a pregnancy test it came 0ut p0sitive & n0w this m0nth I came 0n my period.
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Well when I was pregnant with my son I had taken pregnancy test and they came out negative and I thought nothing of it I had remembered in the past I had missed a period for 2 to 3 months but I was not very active but with my son the test came out negative at home then about  a month or so later I went to a family planning and they did a urine test there and it was positive and right now I'm in the same situation I'm almost a month late and took 3 test and they came out negative so I would wait a lil more then if still negative and you have still not gotten it goes see your doctor.
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Hi Babycamp! I have a friend who has had 5 children, and her home pregnancy test came back negative with two of them. I suggest that you call your OB/GYN to make an appointment to find out what's going on, whether you get your period or not! Good luck!!

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