I'm 15 and have been 5ft 2'' for a while now. My mom is 5ft 4'' and my dad is 5ft 9'' why am I so short? Will I still grow any taller?


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Matt Radiance answered

We can't be sure, DNA works on it's own and works so vary and rarely has anything with relative's height.

My cousin is 6'5 taller than the whole relatives ever!

You have lots of time to get taller, the first stage would be till 18-21 but basically humans have time to get taller till 25. Females stop sooner usually, but males have higher chance to continue till 25.

Also make sure to not lift heavy weighs in your growing age. Cause it'll be impress your growth hormone.

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It may be possible to grow a little more but in due time to find course me personally my family is 5"9-6"2 and I'm 6"3 so it could be possible

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