I Am 5ft 4inches And I Have A Small Frame .what Should Be My Ideal Weight?


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Anywhere from 115 to 130 pounds is the approximate average. Also it depends on what you want to do with your body i.e. Hit the weights and turn your self into a tank or just maintain a slim tone appearance.
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As a personal trainer, I don't ever let anyone get stuck on pounds. You should have a fitness professional, or even a good doctor check your body fat percentage. A regular doctor would just do a BMI. That is a really outdated and inaccurate way to get ideal weight. It is true that muscle weighs more than fat, and you can be healthy at a higher weight than what is suggested for your height. The most feasible way, of for you to find a health professional with calipers. They will use them and take a little painless pinch of the back of your tricep, an inch above your hip bone, and one on your thigh and tell you what your body fat percentage it. For women ages 18-25 and even into their early 30;s. Anything in the 17-24.5% range is healthy.

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