What are somethings I can do to get myself together?


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If you haven't gone to your doctor in the last 2 months my first suggestion is to go. Have them run tests to rule out any physical issues that only testing could determine. While there discuss your depression and ask for any suggestions or treatment options.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Get up at the same time. Have your day with some of the following. Something that you do for your future. Job hunting, volunteer work, school. Doing things that improve your living area. Going to the market, household chores that give order to your environment and helps out those you live with. Helping someone else. Does a family member or friend need some help? Exercise every day. That is one of the best depression fighters.

Volunteer work. Look into helping out in your community. Mentor, tutor, soup kitchens, shelters. Anything of interest where you help another. Volunteering helps get our minds off our troubles and reminds us that others have it better and worse than we do. Also the satisfaction of doing a good deed is uplifting.

Do things you don't have time doing while working. That museum that you couldn't see? Friends who live a bit away that you've promised someday you'll come out for a few days? Go. You will be working soon and then you will be bummed that you didn't do some of those things.

Spend time with family and friends. Make plans to spend time with someone who loves you a couple of times a week.

I hope things start looking up for you. Know that this stage in your life is temporary, and tomorrow is a brand new day. Putting that in context will make your situation feel workable and not so daunting. 

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Did the problem start after you lost your job? If so you may have to change your job. Your new job should be looking for a job. Spend the same time looking for a job as you did working. This could very well solve both your problems.

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I'm sorry the link appears to be broken is there any other way you can send it do you have an email?
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Try this link http://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/g201507/
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Unfortunately forcing yourself to be something you aren't or not ready to be never works and people will see right through you. For now you just need to be yourself and let Nature and time run its course to when you find your real self. Its never easy nor does it always happen quickly so you just have to be patient with yourself and have fun with life and one day you'll know who you are to be but some people never get their stuff together so the best advice I can tell you from many years of working with people, is just be yourself no matter who likes it or not and don't try to impress anyone but yourself.  Good luck

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Start a journal. Meditate. Listen to those cheesy Brian Tracy audiobooks before you go to bed.

Motivation doesn't mean squat. What you need is discipline.

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