How can I help my foot heal ? My doctor said it will take six months to a year for my tendons and ligaments to heal? My 5th metatarsal bone is healed completely. Still have a limp and soreness and some pain!


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Hi Mark! An injury to tendons and ligaments takes a long time to heal....and once they do, they will never really be as strong as they were before the injury. Wrapping the area will help support the tendons and ligaments.

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Hi Angela hey I'm having a lot of swelling and some pain in area where I broke my foot, the swelling is going up my foot past my ankle !bone is healed, but not the tendons and ligaments! Got it wrapped seems to be helping some alleviate the pain but it is still swelling bad!
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When you're not working, you need to elevate that foot while you're lying down....elevate it above the level of your heart, this should help with the swelling. I know you've said you can't stay off of it, but really, that's what it's gonna it as much as possible.

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