I broke my 5th metatarsal bone in my foot and doctor said I would be healed up in three weeks. I go to doctor this Tuesday They gave a walking boot .should I be wearing this thing when I sleep ? I have not been doing that! I still have some swelling and it still hurts some. I cannot see this healed up yet! 


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I wouldn't have think you'd need to wear it while you're sleeping, it's mainly to help offset your weight from putting pressure on the area. Even with a walking boot, your foot will need rest....and since you're unable to rest it like you need to, it will take longer to heal.

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I've broken a bone in my foot and had to wear one of those horrible walking boots but not at night.  The doctor told me it would be 6 weeks before it healed and it was every bit of that time still with some soreness afterward.

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Sharron Prestcott
It just takes time to heal and the more you can keep your weight off your foot the better it is. A cane is a good way to do that.
Even after 6 weeks I had some soreness and was afraid somebody would step on my foot. Just hang in there it will heal.
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Thanks for your info
Mark J. Hammond
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Thanks to everyone for your help with my question! My walking boot came off today .I am really sore and hurts a little but bone is healed completely. Doctor said I could have the soreness up to a year!

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