My gf and I had unprotected sex on 23dec15 and 27dec15.. Her menstrual period started on 13dec15 and we are worried that she'll get pregnant. What are the chances? Can we stop pregnancy now?


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Congrats on being a new father! I'm excited in knowing whether it's a boy or a girl. I'm sure the child will be lovely!

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As you know, every time you make the choice to have sex (remember, even protected sex is not 100% protection) you are doing so with the knowledge that a pregnancy could be the result.  Unwanted pregnancies are the easiest thing to prevent. 

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Dude.  Seriously?

If you have to ask this, you shouldn't be having sex.

You need to be thinking about possible pregnancy BEFORE having sex.
And as Cookie points out ... No form of "birth control" is 100% guaranteed to work.

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Well, Dad, we can't be 100% sure yet.

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It is a little late to be worrying now! Yes, she could be pregnant. Not only anytime you have unprotected sex do you risk a chance of pregnancy, but you pretty well covered the time frame for when you are trying to get pregnant. I suggest you go to the store and buy an early pregnancy test, and find out for sure. I would also buy a box of condomns while you are there. And the only way to stop it if she would be through an abortion. That would be decision I suggest you think very carefully about. (And please no one give me your opions on the subject, I am just giving am available option.)

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