I'm scared in getting my girlfriend pregnant. We had unprotected intercourse 8 days before her period is due. I am worried in getting her pregnant. Please can anyone enlighten me with answers that this doesn't occurs any pregnancy to us?


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Having intercourse at this time in her cycle, could well result in her becoming pregnant .  You should always use a condom if you want to prevent pregnancy .  You better pray hard that she is not pregnant , and please let this be a lesson to you , to use precautions in the future . 
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Unfortuneatly though they say there are better times in your cycle to get pregnant the truth is that you can conceive at any time through the cycle so it may be an idea for her to go and see her doctor to find out if its to late to take the morning after pill
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Well she can only get pregnant if its 5 days before her period not to worry
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Ovulation is normally for five days. The ovulation window is usually in the 8 - 10 days prior to a woman's period.
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Listen if it does congrats on your new baby!!!but its likely she wont be so chill and think positive I mean if you get her pregnant then shes pregnant but don't walk out on her keep her comfortable she will be just as scared as you will be.

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