I have scars that are kinda scabby on my back from the bottom of my tub and they won't go away. They are directly on my vertebras, how do I get rid of them?


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Matt Radiance answered

I don't think anyone can really give you a very confidential correct answer.

-It depends how open and deep the scar is, how long is it, what's the cause, and if you don't know it and the scar is not by a clear obvious reason, then diagnosing is so important.

There's so many skin creams, wound creams ect  .. . That you can use. But with one wrong choice you can face side effects and cause deeper problems.

So i would suggest you to wait and see if it goes by itself if not and you seen some progress with the scar then check out with a doctor.

Also make sure to check with your cloths and under clothing, maybe the materials that you use causing the problem.

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