I have a small face for my body. Is there anyway I could make my face bones bigger by eating more or something? Anything??


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Ancient Hippy answered

You could get a fatter face by eating more but the rest of your body will get fat too. You can't make your bones bigger and there is no food that knows to send the calories and fat to your face.

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Sophia Tortilla answered

There are two solutions:

1)You could get plastic surgery. There is probably some procedure to do this. It would cost a lot of money but you'd get the result you want. I would do a lot research on the pros and cons of this though. You could also work on makeup like contouring to make your face appear bigger and wear different clothing to create an illusion. This will take a bit of research as well.

2) You could accept that your face is a different size and realize that it doesn't make you ugly. Those who might make fun of you for that stuff are jealous, insecure, shallow, or all of those. It's not weird or anything. Learn to accept who you are. :3

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