My friend told me that the coffee is the cure for migraine , real?


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No, it can't cure them but it can help with them.

Caffeine is the cheapest, easiest, most available drug to treat a migraine. It constricts blood vessels which can decrease pain. If you feel a migraine coming on, try drinking a cup or two of strong black coffee or a caffeinated soft drink, a simple treatment that works for many people.

Best cure for migraine headaches may be a cup of coffee or ...

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I have never suffered from migraines but I know it's a scientifical fact the  best cure  for a headache is sex ... So to the men out there who's wives say " honey not now  I have a headache"  you should say " here's your cure and it's not a cup of coffee " I'm very helpful .

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Lol :) I bet it does :) but I'm serious ! Sex does help with headaches and hangovers :) say yesssss to the cure :p
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I'll always say Yes ! Even if I don't have a headache ! I might be old, but I'm not dead yet ! lol
Jaimie  JT
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lol :) I don't know much about you ... But I defs' know you aren't dead yet :p
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There may not actually be "cause and effect" in action here, probably more research is needed.

I suffered my first migraine about 20 years ago and (because I did not realize that temporary loss of sight was actually a migraine) I went to the doctor in a bit of a panic.

She immediately tested my blood pressure, and pointed out that whilst one did not necessarily cause the other, migraine is almost always associated with hypertension.

And so it has been since. When my blood pressure has remained normal or low I have had no migraines, when it has been high, the migraines restarted.

I just keep an eye on my blood pressure. I drink coffee, cos I like it, but I would never drink coffee in the middle of a migraine attack (for me, anyway) that would be very silly.

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Actually yes. It is not really a cure but it avoid pain somehow. You can click here and see what is written. I need statistics and doctor assurement anyway :p

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I read that as a medicine, it was and still is prescribed for the treatment of migraine headache, heart disease, chronic asthma and dropsy. (Immoderate use, however, may form excessive gastric acid, cause nervousness and speed up the heartbeat.

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