I'm 17 years old male, 172cm tall, is there anyway to increase height?


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Meh after 17 I didnt grow much taller then that. Non-natural  way, I have no idea but I doubt there is one. If thats what you mean

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Good nutrition and good sleep can help you but at the end it all up to genetic and your DNA.

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The tallest people in Europe (and these days, pretty much the whole world) are the Dutch. They are not significantly genetically different from the ethnically English or Germans. It can only be the organised programme in the 50s, 60s, 70s to make sure that their children were fed the best and best-balanced diets. Such a programme did not exist anywhere else in Europe.
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Nice information, i appreciate it :) i also understood that Russians are generally tall, well mostly their women! but just genetically!
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I was 5'10 aged 16, and 6'2" at 20. You probably have not stopped growing.

(I still have these numbers from my "Starting Work" medical, and my "Starting College" medical - so I'm reasonably sure they  are correct.)

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