My Daughter Is 4 Years Old And Is 44 Inches Tall And Weighs 60 Pounds Is That To Much Weight For Her Height?


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Hi so is my daughter so join the club! I am giving her plenty of fruit and vegetables every day, plus she is very active, rides her bike, skipping, and will be taking swimming lessons soon. It can be worrying especially when they are young but keep her active and stick with healthier options, it worth it in the long run. As for sweets, crisps, chips and chocolate etc, I wont deprive her but def don't give her every day, sometimes 2/3 times a when it comes to dinners only give her a small amount if your doing chips and bulk out the rest with a variety of veg. If you make something a habit then the kids are bound to want it, so it works just as much if you keep giving healthy food. Have tried this for a few weeks and already my 4 yr old daughter is losing weight. All the best!

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