been tryin 2 get pregnant had sex all week last week started bleeding 3 days later & im still bleeding i been having bad cramps&sore boobs& tired alot. I took a pregnancy test but it was to early. Could i be pregnant?


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Seeing a doctor doesn't sound like a bad idea.  I don't think you are pregnant yet however. 

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Immediately TELL your parents if you're under 18.  Visit your doctor s/he will get a full family history, complete physical, including vaginal exam and blood tests.

If this is Jackie you need to immediately discuss this with your parents. 

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Let's see.....You are bleeding. You have cramps. You are tired. And you boobs are sore. Sounds like you got your period to me.

Now let's go over some of things you have written on other's answers. You are 19, and you don't  know what your insurance covers and you are relying on your mother for insurance and that information. If you can't figure out that out for yourself, how are you going to handle the insurance and care of a baby? 

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I asked my mom if she'll let me do it. She said she has it covered but obviously she doesn't and i am bleeding lightly and the color is changing. But i stopped bleedinh this morning and i threw up couple times like few days ago.

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