Am I pregnant? So I took myself off the shot last month and I started bleeding and I took prenatal vitamins and I had a lot of sex then the bleeding just stopped. I've been having pregnancy symptoms, how possible is it I'm pregnant.


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I agree with Sincerity.  Simply go to your local drug store and buy a pregnancy test.  That will give you much more accurate feedback than will unqualified strangers on a public forum.

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Since you are mature enough to take birth control, surly you are mature enough to understand that while protection can be very effective in prevents pregnancy, nothing is 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy.  So, you COULD be pregnant.

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A few miles from me got some flooding but that really scary stuff happened pretty Far East of Louisville. That's so scary. Thanks for the thought.
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If you are sexually active .. There is ALWAYS a chance of getting pregnant no matter what type of birthcontrol method you use .. No method is 100%.  ... other than abstinence.

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