What Can Be Done To Protect And Preclude SA Youth From Drugs And Alcohol Abuse?


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It is very bad if 75% of SA youth is involved in drug abuse and alcoholism. This is so high percentage which can affect future of your country very badly. You alone can not do anything. Your government should take steps. The work should be started by approving strict laws for both dealers and possessors. This will reduce the availability of the drugs for the users. But only strict laws can not help. It requires strict implementation of these laws. I will give you example of Saudi Arabia where the dealer or possessor get death sentence within no time if proved in court. It can take maximum 2 -3 weeks. That is why this country has least crimes in the world.
Educating the children of school/college going age about drug abuse and its hazards will also help your country to create awareness.  Advertisement through all types of media will also support.
You as a citizen of SA can point out dealers/possessors to the police. So, it is the responsibility of both government of SA and their citizens to start war against this crime in systematic and honest manner.  

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Wel thanks for you contribution,i wud lyk 2 let you konw dat der is Drug and Drugs Trafficking Act...doz regulate de use and possess of drugs and with regard 2 Saudi-Arabian example.the SA Constituion daz not allow de killing of Human Beings.section 11 of the constitution

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