Which is more effective exercise or meditation?


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Both are equally effective ! In different ways

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Exercise helps to strengthen our bones, muscles and also promote the production of good chemicals. While meditation can be a better treatment for back pain than ordinary exercises.
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Yogi Chaitanya
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So if any one having any body pain or problem then only he/she should go for meditation?
Leena hadon
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Exercise is good for physical fitness and meditation is food for inner peace of body and mind. It make us calm and remove all the negativeness.
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It's hard to say exactly what is better. Because each serves different purposes for different groups of people. As I can see, exercise is often for those who want to gain or lose weight, or in other word, to reach a physical goal, while mediation is one way to seek for the peace and quietness for the soul or mental health. Of course, a healthy body and mind has the closed relationship. It's depending on you whether what you like to follow exercise or meditation, I just cannot give a clear answer :)

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Yogi Chaitanya
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I am also confused what why asked question. Yes both exercise and meditation are important to be healthy and fit. But if have to choose the one then? If you have the choice from both of them what you will prefer?
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I think meditation works better than exercise as it doesn’t require any special equipment nor specific place, even giving 5 minutes time for meditation can lead you to a calm state.

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Yogi Chaitanya
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Thanks for your reply. Meditation has lot of benefits and you are right it does not requires any equipment and tools. I would say we have to learn how to mediate to go with mediation.
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Meditation is for spirit and exercise is a kind of doing sports, so they are different, we need do both of them, if we can, if no you have the choice.

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In case of psychosocial outcomes of anxiety, altruism, and life changes. Meditation has found to be more effective than the exercise comparison.

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