Which do you prefer, morning or evening exercise and which do you think is better for health?


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Night exercise is too energizing, it may keep you up at night.

Morning exercise will wake you up , rev your metabolism for the entire day. It sets you up on the right foot with motivation not to pig out. All that and if you get it done first thing in the morning you avoid making all those excuses during the day/ night NOT to do it.

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I am an odd ball. I LOVED working out at 11pm every night. I would go to the gym, hop on a machine and cardio myself for an hour watching Jerry Springer and laughing! Lol! That was MY hour. After I quit the gym I did Curves for awhile and did my half of an hour after dropping my daughter off at kindergarten (afternoon) then I couldn't afford it anymore. Afternoon was okay. Then when all my kids were dropped off at school I began walking at a park in the morning. I just couldn't get into enjoying morning exercise like I did night exercised and morning actually made me feel sick and fatigued.

I assume mornings are more healthier and you are sure to get the exercise in for the day but I also think as long as you are excersising ANY exercise is better then none! 😆

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I am an afternoon exerciser. As for what is better for your health is the one that you feel best suits you. Exercising when you aren't able to feel it fits your lifestyle, schedule, and personality makes it an arduous chore and you are less likely to do it. If you exercise when you feel it is the right time and you can focus makes it a more pleasurable experience and you are more likely to not only exercise that day, but make it a habit.

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I do 13 minutes of Yoga each morning,

10 minutes returning from the office,

and 5 minutes before bed.

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I start around 4:00 pm and finish between 6:30 - 7:00 pm 5 days a week. This includes 35 minutes of cardio, and the rest is stretching and weight training.

I find that working out at night will increase your metabolism right before you go to bed . . . Unfortunately this also increases you body's core temperature . . . So you use far less covers at night.

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