How did you feel when you smoked your first cigarette? I became sick, i started to gag and puke. Yet at the same time i became extremely calm. Being that calm makes me want to do it again but i know its a bad habit. Options??


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Run for the hills, tobacco addiction is no joke my friend, once your in its clutches its extremely hard to get off of i know people who quit for 10 years and went back to it, not to mention it destroys your body if you play sports or do any extra curricular activity you can kiss all that goodbye best wishes

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I would not recommend it my grandfather was an addict and he died at the age of 65 in unimaginable pain on his death bed

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It's not just a bad habit .. It's far more than that. It's expensive; it's stinks (and so will you); it's unattractive to most; and then there is always the health risks involved .. NUMEROUS risks. If you haven't started .. Don't! Starting to smoke could plausibly turn out to be one of your biggest regrets.

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You felt sick and you "started to gag and puke", but you want to try it again? Your body just screamed at you for poisoning it and you want to do it again? That calmness you felt is short lived, and then you will need another to calm yourself again, then before you know it you are addicted. Instead of thinking about a cigarette to calm you, try taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out instead. (Something you won't be able to do if you smoke.)

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