What's the best most effective way to cure a flu?


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You can't cure the Flu, only treat the symptoms. I drink a daily Vitamin C packet.

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The best thing for the flu is prevention. Get your flu vaccine! Not always 100% effective, but will keep symptoms to a minimum should you get the flu. That being said, if you start having flu like symptoms, fever chills, body achs, see your doctor as he can give you Tamiflu.....plenty of rest, fluids, and chicken soup! ;)

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If you realize it is the flu soon enough, a prescription from your doctor for Tamiflu is your best bet. You need to start taking it within the first 48 hours of the onset.  After that you just have ride it out. Get rest, drink plenty of fluids and try to keep some food down. Plus take something for the aches.

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Try such remedies as drinking lots of fluids, getting needed rest, and gargling with salt and warm water if you have a sore throat. Do not pressure your doctor for antibiotics—let him determine if they are really necessary. If they are prescribed, always complete your course even if improvement is noted. Remember, antibiotics will not cure colds and flu, which are caused by viruses, not bacteria.

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Otis,s moonshine cures the cold also cures body aches arthritis headaches so call me up

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I read these 5 tips on studydaddy.com when I was looking for a biology report. Then I thought why should I know what are the tips for treating the flu? But nevertheless I kept myself the main theses. Do not be ill and take care of yourself!

- Treatment of influenza will be much more effective if you adjust your diet a little more towards a more light and healthy diet. And also halve the amount of food eaten. Drinking is to abandon packaged juice and soda, replacing them with fruit drinks and regular filtered water with the addition of lemon juice.

- If you air twice a day for 15-20 minutes to air in a room in which you are sick, you will recover faster, and any method of treating the flu will be much more effective.

- Put the steam humidifier in the room where you sleep.

- Eat garlic with small “pills”. And if it causes you to have negative reactions (the stomach can get sick, nausea appears), then do not torture yourself, but simply put onions and garlic cut into slices at the head of the bed.

- From time to time, change it to fresh, because the healing substances that are contained in onions and garlic gradually evaporate. And one more important rule for increasing the effectiveness of treatment for influenza: Every degree by which your temperature rises adds to you +1 l of liquid, which you should drink per day. And you should drink water or juice not in one gulp, but in small portions, but constantly.

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