If I don't sleep in 14 hours will I be asleep to the point where I don't feel anything?


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Matt Radiance answered

I hope i am understanding your question correctly.

If this 14 hours lack of sleep continues constantly, yes, you will reach a point where your body comes weak at every aspect and your brain almost orders a shut down. You'll be asleep just like an unconscious person. Till your body recover itself, fill the lack of sleep as much as possible, take the proper actions in order to take care of itself and prepare and bring back the strength within your muscles, brain, and body's mechanism.

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I don't really understand your question ....on a typical week day I wake up around 5am and go to bed around 11pm ...I'm pretty sure that's more than 14 hours without sleep and I'm fine. My math isn't awesome though so if it's not more than 14 hours ... Never mind my answer then :)

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You will fall asleep (unless drug related), eventually, your body will shut down and sleep. As to you feeling anything, it wil be the same as any other time that you sleep. Nurses have worked 24 hour shifts without sleep. Some who are changing from Night shift to day shift will deliberately keep themselves awake for 24 hours to adapt their circadian rhythm.

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