Best ways to stop an anxiety attack?


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Remember that this episode has a beginning and and end, and you will still be here when it's over.  Also .... Consider the worst-case scenario and realize that even the worst outcome is not the end of the world.  (I know whereof I speak, as I had a terrible bout of agoraphobia and panic attacks back in the 80's)

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Christie Rodriguez
these are some basic and important ways-

Take a full breath.

Get dynamic.

Rest well

Challenge an on edge thought.

Say an empowering proclamation.

Positive, exact explanations can place things into point of view. ...

Stay away from caffeine.
Managing anxiety is as much about what you do as what you don't do.
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Look around you and name objects that you see,  this keeps you in grounded in the here and now and so preventing the anxious thoughts from escalating. Taking slow deep breaths can also help, as when someone is anxious they tend to shallow breathe at a fast rate, which can lead to hyperventilating.

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1.Facing the cause of the anxiety

2.Focusing on what make your mind and body to relax.

3.Breathing techniques,

4.Changing and transferring the anxiety into a healthy-content or healthy-positive habit. For instance, chewing gum.

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Experts say that it is best not to fight the attack. Rather, they advise the sufferer to ‘ride out’ the anxiety until it passes. You can’t stop it once it starts it just has to run its course. Just keep telling yourself it’s frightening, but it’s not dangerous. It’s going to pass. A director of an agency that treats agoraphobia, likens the attack to a small wave that can be seen approaching a beach. “This represents your initial feelings of anxiety,” he says. “As the wave approaches land it grows larger and larger. This represents your feelings of anxiety growing. Soon the wave is very large and peaks. It then flows down into a smaller and smaller wave until it disperses on the beach. This image represents the start and finish of the anxiety attack.” He says that sufferers should not fight the feelings but flow with them until they pass. To help alleviate anxiety, watch your diet, exercise regularly, and get proper rest.

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Breath slowly, calm down, think about something you really love, find a place that you feel safe in and lay down and calm yourself.

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