What Should Women Wear to the Gym?


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Woman should wear whatever clothes they're comfortable with as long as it is the proper attire for an exercise or for their fitness regimen.

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As a woman, finding the right outfit to wear to the gym can be a balancing act. On one hand, you want to be comfortable as you use the treadmill or lift weights but, on the other hand, you also don't want to draw negative attention to yourself by dressing provocatively. Finding the clothing to suit your comfort level, personal style and the gym's dress code might require a few attempts, but once you've found what works, you can get in shape without worrying about what you're wearing


That lace-covered bra and underwear that you wear on date night might make you feel sexy, but it won't do any favors for you during a gym workout. In general, your everyday underwear won't be as comfortable during exercise as a sports bra and athletic underwear. Sports bras not only provide extra support to limit breast movement and pain, but they are also typically available in light, breathable materials to help keep your skin dry. Athletic underwear comes in several styles and, whether you opt for panties or boxer brief-style underwear, this attire is also commonly available in light, stretchy fabric.

Socks and Shoes

Athletic socks are ideal to wear during your gym workout, as they're typically made of light, synthetic material that wicks away sweat and won't scratch your skin. Whether you prefer ankle-height socks to wear with shorts or knee socks, sporting goods stores are stocked with a wide range of products. Traditional cross trainers make suitable shoes to wear to the gym. When buying gym shoes, look for shoes that are light, comfortable and keep your feet cool. Some gym-goers favor lightweight barefoot-style shoes, although this type of shoe can require a period of adjustment.


In general, women can wear T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts during their gym workout. It's wise, however, to check your gym's dress code to ensure what shirts are appropriate. In general, gyms permit tank tops but frown on halter tops and shirts that show excessive cleavage. As with all your gym clothing, ensure your tops are made of light, stretchy fabric that keeps you cool and doesn't limit your mobility. Synthetic fabric typically provides a lighter, more comfortable feel than cotton.


Many women buy workout pants to match their shirts, or vice versa, but doing so isn't crucial. As with selecting your tops, your foremost priority when picking pants for your gym workout is to find shorts, yoga pants or sweatpants that are light, comfortable and allow you to move freely. Some women opt for elasticized biking-style shorts, while others favor the comfort and freedom they'll find in yoga pants.

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Women should wear dress in which they are comfortable working out, the may include leggings and tops, i prefer wearing stretchable track suit which is best for stretching and performing activities, 

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Different workouts call for different outfits, so consider the activity you're doing and the weather conditions, if you're working out outdoors.

By investing in quality athletic wear you get to enhance your progress and also minimize the risk of getting injured.

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