So a year back I got deathly sick and ended up spending a lot of time in the hospital. I honestly miss it a lot and sometimes I wish I would get sick just so I could go back. Maybe it's just the feeling of safety but any ideas?


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Probably the sense of being taken care of. Sadly, you won't be the first to view a hospital bed as a holiday or break from the stressors of everyday life, my friend felt the same. However, it isn't healthy to think this way, it sounds like you may need to develop a more caring attitude towards yourself rather than looking to others for it, learn to take time out have a nice bath,  snuggle with a nice warm blanket on the couch watching a good film, or go for a nice walk take in some fresh air, meet up with friends etc.

As adults we all have to take the burden of adult responsibility,  and even though we may wish to sometimes be that child again tucked up in bed, we are not, we must learn to be an adult and parent ourselves at the same time. Remember as an adult you also have freedom to choose what you want to do. 

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Exactly here as this is a cry for attention which the Hospital stay gave you but time to grow up and move on now and don't look back
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Therapy and therapist.

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Wow, I spent 16 days in the hospital during four stays this past year.  They adjusted the price down to $800,000.00.  I don't want to go back, but I can think of lots of ways to be taken care of for 800K other than a hospital!  I think you should talk to a professional rather than asking us!

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