Is a size 9 (in a certain type of nike shoe) small for a 14 yr old 5'1? its just the design..Its suppose to fit tightly but since I use them for the gym I need extra space...I actually wear a 6-8.


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Don't get hung up on size. It doesn't matter if someone thinks it's too big or too small. Wear the size that fits you and ignore the haters.

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I'm unsure what country you are in, American sizes are different to UK. An American size 9 would be a 6 and a half in the UK.  It's important for sports shoes to be comfortable, if you want to be good at sport you can't run around in footwear which is too small, but neither do you want them flopping off your feet. Shoe sizes also differ depending on make, they shouldn't but they do. 

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