I had my period on 3/04/17 and it went away 8/04/17 I then had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 13/04/17 around 6-7 pm and he came in me. I went to the pharmacy the next day around 9am to take Levonelle and I'm wondering if I can still be pregnant?


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My vote is - quit having unprotected sex unless you like the idea of being a parent.

Taking Levonelle does not constitute being on birth control.  You and your partner BOTH need to use birth control. Don't just rely on taking the morning-after pill and think that you aren't doing harm to your body.

Take a pregnancy test. Then get your behind to your OB-GYN to talk about birth control methods and then follow through. In addition, your partner needs to be using condoms, as no birth control is 100% effective all the time.

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