I stepped on a rusted roofing nail and had to go to ER to have it removed. When was the last time you had to go to the ER as a patient?


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Mountain Man answered

May or June of 2015. I was working on our koi pond at home. I was stepping in the water to put a large spillway rock in place and slipped on the liner. I fell out of the pond and passed out. My daughter-in-law called the ambulance while my wife tried to revive me. It turned out I was dehydrated and had a torn hamstring. I was off work for about a month.

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Ray Dart answered

Two months ago. I slipped on a towel left on the bathroom floor and head-butted the handbasin. Three stitches in my forehead and a bathroom that looked as if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre  had taken place there.

I shall carry the resulting scars to the grave.

Great fun.........

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Ancient Hippy answered

Almost 3 years ago. Heart attack while I was driving home from Walmart.

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Darik Majoren answered

Two years ago . . . I had to get stitches in my face after a Keyboard tray came loose while I was under a desk and smashed me good . . .

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PJ Stein answered

6 years ago this month. I was bit by a spider. I don' know what kind but my finger turned purple and swelled up, quickly.

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Yin And Yang answered

I am so sorry my friend you stepped on a nail. 😯

I probably should have gone to the hospital a couple times for my gallbladder. I am soooooooo chicken! I probably shouldn't have read your guys answers! Now I am gonna go pad the bathroom and super glue shoes to my feet! Lol!

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Dumb Goat answered

A year ago or so, it was April, I had slipped on ice and had a severe concussion and a skull fracture. I had passed out for a bit from it, actually. I rode in an ambulance for the first time, though injuries requiring to go to the ER are common for me. So far, I've had two broken toes, broken and dislocated left hand fingers, broken wrist, broken each of my ankles, torn ligaments in ankles several times, cracked ribs, one point I didn't go to the hospital but I fell on my face while iceskating when I had braces, and a bracket lodged itself inside my lip. I got it out myself, which was pretty painful and tedious actually.

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Hi there! This is indeed very sad news and I do hope that you are feeling better! I have personally never been to ER, but I once suffered from intestinal issues that led to an operation. I will have to admit that hospitals do scare me as they are often synonymous to injections, dentists, weird smells and so on!

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Got cocky while working with my old table saw and reached for a piece of wood before the blade stopped.  Turned out I didn't do any serious damage to the knuckle, but an x-ray to make sure there were no bone chips, a few stitches and home I went. 

Really must break down and invest in a new saw with those newfangled features like blade guards and auto-stop, but I've become accustomed to my 40 year old cheaop table saw.  . 

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