When was the last time you had to use a bandage?


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Didge Doo answered

That would have been April 3. I had an injection in the eyeball and the ophthalmologist covered it with a bandage when he finished. That will happen again on May 1. Apart from that most of my vital fluids are staying where they belong -- inside the body.

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Oh my goodness.
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
A needle in the eye is no fun! I was sedated when I had to have a stitch put in after eye surgery where they move one of my eye muscles. I still xane close to passing out.

My mother-in-law has had it for macular degeneration. Hers is the dry kind so it didn't help her.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Scary, Gator, but I had a good doctor and he explained everything all through the process. The anaesthetic eye drops made it comfortable but it was sore for a couple of days after they wore off. Sorry your MIL had problems.
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Not on me in a while. But, my husband had some cancer surgery done first part of this week, and changing his bandages everyday. Does that count?

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Abigail Connor answered

Yesterday, I split my left thumb while carving some designs into a dry piece I made during the ceramics class I'm currently taking

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Mountain  Man
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Ouch! Thanks Abigail
Good to see you.
Toni Pauze
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Long time no see!
Abigail Connor
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Good to see you too! Between exams and trying to get everything going after winter (aka reviving my neglected plants) I haven't had much time for other things
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Tom Jackson answered

Too recently.

I missed the bottom step coming down the stairs and wound up with an 8 inch long abrasion on my left shin.

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Tom  Jackson
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My wife's director told her to stop greasing that bottom step---lol.
Mountain  Man
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I hope it heals quickly Tom. Watch that step.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Thanks, Mountain Man. It's slow but sure. The abrasion is not that bad, but the sprain / strain is taking its time to heal fully.
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Ha...regularly. Last month a hot glue burn and just last week a bleeding scratch on my index.

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Last week my family and I went to our vacation home at Lake Tahoe, and there was a lot of snow there. I was walking carefully to the front of the house on a 2-foot high snowbank when I accidentally stepped right at the edge of the deck (all you could see was snow, so I couldn't tell where it was), my right leg fell through the snow all the way to the ground and scraped the side of the deck. I ended up with a 5-inch long bloody gash along my right shin. It hurt so much :( My dad helped me bandage it up and I had to keep that bandage on for most of the vacation...frustrating!

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Some time in the lasy month. I  don't remember what I was doing but I clipped my finger and had to bandage it so I wouldn't get blood on whatever it was that I needed to finish.

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