I have an eating disorder. Well kind of. I have more trouble sticking to a diet bcuz I love the carbs so much. I'm 100 lbs overweight. Help?


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Join an organization or program. It is easier to get and stay on track if you have a support system.

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Be careful my friend.... I like carbs to (don't like meat) and they are trying to tell me I have diabetes. I am trying to stay away from carbs cuz I think that's what caused it. 🤔

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Indulge but only a little.  Sit down and take slow mindful bites chewing those carbs slowly. Don't wolf them down. Use a smaller plate. Put down your fork and knife between each biteful as you chew. This tricks your brain sending "I'm full" signals to your stomach.

Get out and walk. Weather is too bad ? ➡go to a mall. One hour of walking per day will do wonders for ya !!

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The weather doesn't bother me. Sciatica does. Just walking around Wal-Mart bothers it. (back)
The rest are some good tricks. Ill try those.
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I highly recommend doing any type of exercise 15 minutes a day . I was told this by a Christian exercise instructor to walk 15 minutes a day.

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