My Age Is 20,and I Master Bat Daily,I Can't Control Myself,so Will It Affect My Sexual Life Later,if Yes How Can Cure It,,due To That My Semen Content Also Reduced,and My Penis Is Also Not Growing,can You Help Me Out?


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Masturbation is quite normal you can do it 5 or 6 times a day with no ill effects of course your sperm levels will drop but if you weren't to mastubate for a few days they would all be back again I've heard of guys literally masturbating ten times a day every day cause they have a very high sex drive so it does you no harm so play away
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The above is absolutely true, and besides if you are twenty, your penis is already finished growing.
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I'm not an expert but have seen this question many times on different sites...All with the same problem of small size and low sperm  Seems chronic or excessive masterbation can affect penis size..but you are done growing so nothing you can do now. It also reduces your sperm count also but sperm replenish quickly. If it's an issue, seek professional help.

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