Is It Safe To Have Sex The Day(s) Before Your Period?


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It is never safe to have sex unless you use the right protection.

Some people believe that it is safe to have sex just before your period because there is less chance of you having a live egg in your uterus as it dies just before your period but this may not be the case. Your period could be late and you do not know at what point this egg becomes inactive. This is not worth the risk and appropriate protection should always be used. This is not a safe method of having sex.

Another reason for this being unsafe is that it's not just unwanted pregnancy that you have to look out for when having sex, sexually transmitted diseases are always a risk with unprotected sex and these cannot be prevented by any method other than using a condom. You should always take precautions for both parts and use a condom.

If you feel that you would like something else as a backup such as the pill or an implant, go and see your doctor. They are always very open and honest and will not judge no matter what your age or who you are having sex with. It is their job to help sort out any of your medical issues in confidence and you can trust them.

If you have used this method before as 'safe sex' you might want to go and get yourself tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. There are so many sexually transmitted diseases and not all of them have symptoms, so you may not know when you have got one. These will be passed from partner to partner and some can cause infertility.
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Like the first answer unprotected sex is bad no matter what. Even if you are on some kind of birth control, also use protection. It is possible to get pregnant if you birth control. I know because it happened to me.
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It is never safe to have unprotected sex if you don't want to get pregnant.
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No not really but it could be very just depends how you feel
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It's not likely but possible. Reports of pregnancy even during menses have been reported... The human body is a complex and wondrous thing… sometimes you can't beat Mother Nature.
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Ok lets start if you had sex one day before your period its actually very safe is your cycle is regular and second thing is that ovulation can't occur this late it probably occurs day 10-18 of the cycle so its impossible you ovulate one day before your period and for pregnancy to occur period cycle should be about 12-16 days not less than that otherwise pregnancy can never occur
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Is it safe 2 have sex in last week of cycle before next periods?
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Yes there is a strong possibility that you can be pregnant. Sex before periods has many chances to bring pregnancy. Take morning time urine for pregnancy test. It will tell the story. Also do consult with the doctor.
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It is never absolutely safe to have unprotected sex, no matter when you last had your period. What causes you to get pregnant is when your egg drops, and that can happen at ANY time: during, or not during your period. I recommend that you start using protection or get a contraception shot so that you can have sex without a condom, without getting pregnant.
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There is a very strong possibility that you are pregnant. There is no safe time to have sex without protection or birth control and run no risk of getting pregnant. If your periods are on a schedule and it hasn't come, then I would get a pregnancy test soon.
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When you consider sperm can stay viable after sex for some time then there is that small chance of pregnancy because you could ovulate early it does happen sometime
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Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex yesterday day morning about five and my period started today could I still have a chance of being pregnant
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Your most fertile days are in the middle of your cycle as you ovulate 14 days before your period, so you've probably missed them. However, its not set in stone so there's a possibility of pregnancy, though very small
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Yes ; All though It Is VERY Rare. You Can Get Pregnant At Any Time But It Unlikely If You Are On Your Period. I Hope You The Best Of Luck.

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