Can this be a bat bite? 
(My cam's AF won't cooperate, but there are also much smaller scabs around that that my cam didn't pick up.)
Also, I have not seen, heard nor felt a real life bat, and I sleep with my windows closed.


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Hard to tell, but it could be an insect bite.

Instead of showing us show this to your physician.

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John McCann
John McCann commented
What would you expect someone on the internet to do for you?

Try stopping in at a city clinic or the like.

By the way, how old are you?
Jack Bai
Jack Bai commented
I'm only 14.
John McCann
John McCann commented
Try to enlist the aid of a trusted adult friend of you and your mother's to intervene. To see if anything is wrong, or give you peace of mind.

At 14 I would expect you could walk into a clinic or ER and either be treated or told that you make too much about nothing. Your choice.

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