Where Is Rhomboid Muscle?


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Rhomboid muscles are located in the upper back of the body. They are needed to move the shoulder blade. They are named so because the shapes of the muscles are like a rhombus. These muscles are linked with the scapula or the shoulder blade and are mainly responsible for its retraction ability. These muscles are also simply known as rhomboids. There are two types of rhomboid muscles. They are called as Rhomboid major muscle and Rhomboid minor muscle.

The rhomboid major muscle is situated on the back and is connecting to the shoulder blade or scapula with the vertebrae of the spinal column. It is believed to be a superficial back muscle and is shaped like a diamond. It is called major because it is the larger one of the two rhomboid muscles. The rhomboid minor muscle is located at the base of the spine of the scapula and it is separated from the rhomboid major by a slight interval

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