What Is Muscle Tone?


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Our voluntary muscles are never fully relaxed. There is always a slight tension or 'tone', and this tension makes it possible for muscles to go quickly into action. Both rapidity of movement and smoothness of movement depend upon this muscle tone. Proof of the tone is seen when a tendon, which fastens a muscle to a bone, is cut. The muscle retracts.
However, muscle tone is not achieved by the entire muscle being always somewhat tense. In muscle fibers the rule of "all or nothing" applies. That is, the individual fibers do not respond at all until a certain degree of nerve stimulus is applied, and then they contract all the way. Then how is muscle tone maintained? By the contraction of small groups of fibers in relays, so that the majority of fibers are resting while comparatively few are active, supplying the needed muscle tone, being on the alert as it were.
This relay activity of the muscle fibers accounts for the fact that we can maintain good posture for a long time without becoming very tired. A certain amount of this muscular activity or tone is required when we sit erect. Standing requires still more. And when it comes to walking, the coordination of many more muscles is involved.
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Basically muscle tone can be defined that part of muscle that remain contracted even muscle is relaxed.it helps muscle to contract and keep body in straight position.it is involuntary action which is control by nervous system.if muscle tone is maximum than movement is good otherwise it effects movement.there is contraction in muscle but no movement.this is known as muscle tone
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Muscle tone,is that willingness of the muscles to ba moved,it can be increased(spastic) or decreased(flaccid).
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"In physiology, medicine, and anatomy, muscle tone (aka residual muscle tension) is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles. It helps maintain posture, and it declines during REM sleep. It is not to be confused with the concept of toning in physical exercise.

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Is the constant, slightly contracted state of all muscles which does not produce active movement
It keeps the body healthy and ready to respond to stimulus.
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Muscle tone is a state of partial tetanus of the muscle maintained by asynchronous discharge of impulse in the motor neurone or motor nerve ....

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